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To move forward in life, it’s in the WANT to that you will find the HOW to!

You have two Choices:

1) Wish things would change,

2) Take the first step to change.

The Choice is YOURS!

Having an Awareness & Understanding of why you do the things you do, why you let others influence You or direct your life, why do you always accept second best, why you just can’t say NO.

Our Awareness & understanding of our WHY is extremely important, it enables change, change to take a different direction in life, move forward and drop the old story. letting go of the emotional baggage and belief system you carry around day after day, week after week, year after year, its only purpose is to hold you back, limit your expectations, thoughts and behaviours

“Imagine you are holding a small bottle of water straight out in

front of you with your arm fully extended, its easy isn’t it.

Now hold it for 5 minutes,

15 minutes, 30 minutes"

Is it still easy to hold the bottle? NO.

At this Workshop You Will Learn & Understand:

• The 5 steps to Awareness & Understanding

• Your our own emotions & the importance of reflection

• How the conscious & subconscious mind work

• How to take back control of the inner dialogue (self-talk)

• What your Limiting beliefs are & how they are created.

• What drives your behaviour and actions

• The importance of accepting yourself for who you are

• Your feelings, emotions, what causes them & how they impact your actions

• Cause & Effect of your words and actions on yourself & others

Your learning outcomes for this workshop:

• Understand who you are & what makes you thrive

• How to stop self-sabotage behaviours

• How to self-motivate and keep going forward

• How to shift your mind-set from negative to positive

• Find your purpose & start a new journey.

• Understand your WHY!


Dalziel Park Hotel & Golf Club

100 Hagen Drive - ML1 5RZ, Motherwell

Date: 24th February 2018 Time: 09:00 to 13:00

Cost £45 Early Bird price (before 18th Feb 2018)

Full Ticket Price £65